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American Bison

Scientific name:  Bison Bison
Class:  Mammals
Continent:  North America
Habitat:  Grasslands and steppes
Diet:  Herbivorous
Weight:  450 - 1.350 kg
Size:  1,8 m
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Meet the American Bison!

The American bison family are the largest mammals in the New World. The American Bison can weight up to a ton. Related to the European Bison, it is distinguished by its stocky posture, and by the hump between its shoulder blades. The front part of its torso adds to its powerful appearance: more massive, robust and with a longer coat than the back part.

What are its habits?

The American Bison is a very gregarious animal and lives with other individuals in large herds. It is nomadic and was once the main source of food for the Native Americans who followed them during their movements. An irritable and combative species, it fights fiercely during the rutting period for the female, which usually gives birth to a single calf after gestation (gestation lasts between 260 and 280 days).

Extinct in the wild
Critically endangered
Near threatened
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In the American continent there were millions of specimens, but with the arrival of the European settlers they were about to become extinct due to their indiscriminate hunting. Subsequently protective measures were issued, which have managed to ensure its existence.
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