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Wild boar

Scientific name:  Sus scrofa
Class:  Mammals
Continent:  Europe
Habitat:  Mesetas
Diet:  Omnívoro
Weight:  40 - 150 kg
Size:  0,9 - 1,60 m
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Meet the Giant Wild Boar!

The Wild Boar is the ancestor of our domestic pig and is characterized by its shyness, sociability and intelligence.

Its elongated and domed head has large, curved tusks (in males), and a pointed snout with small, sharp teeth (in females).

It is found worldwide wherever there is abundant vegetation, mainly in Europe, although subspecies can also be found in America, Africa and Asia. Very common in the Iberian Peninsula, its designation as huntable game frees it from the threat of extinction.

What are its habits?

Its powerful teeth make it a brave animal, ready to face any enemy.

It likes to protect its skin from parasites with mud baths, and then rubs itself hard against trees.

It dislikes intruders, so it sometimes marks its territory.

As for its diet, the wild boar is not squeamish and eats everything: roots, tubers, invertebrates and small mammals.

The female gives birth only once per year, and she prepares a bedding of branches and leaves for her litter. Birthing takes place between February and April. They usually live in a family composed of male, female and offspring.

Extinct in the wild
Critically endangered
Near threatened
Least concern
Insufficient data
Not evaluated


Wild boar calves present, at birth, several longitudinal lines on each side of the body.

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