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Common name:

African grey parrot

Scientific name:



600 gr


28-39 cm
Rivers, swamps, marshes and lakes


Preocupación menor
Least concern
Monday to Friday: 12:30; 17:00 h Weekends and holidays: 13:30, 17:30 h
Who is it? 

The African grey parrot is the best part at reproducing language, and although it is not characterised by being a good flier, its moves very easily in the lush forests where it lives. It uses its powerful beak to move through the branches, and its toes as pincers. It prefers areas near a water course, such as rivers and lakes, and may be found in the Dark Continent, from Sierra Leone to Gabon.

What are its habits?

This parrot gathers in very noisy and cheerful flocks which spend the day searching for food. At night, it returns to the tree hollows where their nests usually area, in areas of dense vegetation (so that nobody should disturb them).

Did you know…

The African grey parrot or grey parrot is the only species that belongs to the Psittacus genus. It is one of the parrots that lives in Africa.


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