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Common name:

American black bear

Scientific name:

Ursus americanus


75-270 kg


1.4-2 m
Temperate forest and Taiga
Mountain plateau
North America


Preocupación menor
Least concern
Who is it?

The American black bear’s range covers the New World, from Alaska to Canada and Mexico.

It is similar to the brown, though its snout is different, with a somewhat upturned upper edge. It is generally black but its fur may also be white, bluish, blond, reddish or cinnamon-coloured.

Its agility allows it to climb trees, even at an advanced age. Its legs have five toes with very powerful non-retractile claws. Its hearing and sense of small are also very well-developed.

What are its habits?

This bear changes its location according to the season: it leaves near rivers in spring while in summer it withdraws to the inner forest and in winter seeks refuge which protects it during hibernation.

It leads a solitary life except in the breeding season. Gestation lasts for six or seven months and the embryo, as with other species, begins to develop weeks after the mating. This deferred implantation seeks to prevent autumn births. The litter usually consists of one or two cubs, which are born blind and naked.

An omnivore, it usually eats plants and fruit.

Did you know…

The American black bear has a friendly character, in fact it is commonly seen approaching tourists in the nature parks where it lives for sweets. It is unlikely to attack people.

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