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  • Jabalí en Zoo Aquarium Madrid. Zoológico Madrid.

Common name:


Scientific name:

Sus scrofa


40-150 kg.


0,90 - 1,60 m
Mountain plateau


Preocupación menor
Least concern

Who is it? 

The boar is the ancestor of our domestic pig and is characterised by its shyness, sociability and intelligence.Su cabeza alargada y más o menos cónica posee unos colmillos grandes y curvos (en el caso de los robustos machos), y un morro afilado con dientes agudos y pequeños (en el caso de las hembras).

Its long and more or less conical head has long, curved tusks (in the case of robust males) and a sharp snout with small, sharp teeth (in the case of females). Its range comprises territories with abundant vegetation. Very common in the Iberian Peninsula, its status as a game species keeps it out of danger of extinction.

What are its habits?

Its powerful teeth make it a brave animal that is willing to confront anybody.

It likes to protect its hide from parasites with mud baths and then vigorously scratch itself against trees.

They don’t like intruders, so they sometimes mark their territory. 

As regards their diet, the boar is not picky at all and eats everything: roots, tubercles, invertebrates and small mammals. 

 The female only enters heat once a year when it prepares a sort of plant bed for the litter. 

Birth takes place between February and April. They usually live in family groups made up of male, female and piglets.

Did you know…

Boar young (piglets) make a characteristic noise due to which they are known as squeakers.

Children under 3 years free!