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  • León marino en Zoo Aquarium Madrid. Zoológico Madrid.
  • León marino en Zoo Aquarium Madrid. Zoológico Madrid.
  • León marino en Zoo Aquarium Madrid. Zoológico Madrid.

Common name:

California sea lion

Scientific name:

Zalophus Californian


100 - 380 kg


2 - 2,4 m
Oceans and seas
North America


Preocupación menor
Least concern
Monday to Friday: 12:00, 14:00, 18:00 h Weekends and Holidays: 12:00, 14:00, 16:30, 18:30 h

Who is it? 

It is so well adapted to aquatic life that it is capable of sleeping in the water. TheCalifornia sea lion belongs to a family of mammals which, while not ceasing to be terrestrial creatures, have managed to sleep in the sea. Among the characteristics of this species are its hydrodynamic shape and its limbs which have turned into fins; the thick layer of fat that regulates the temperature of its skin, as well as an innate sense of balance which allows it to juggle in all kinds of ways. Sea lions are familiar animals which are not easily frightened. Unlike seals (whose legs are fused like fins), they have two true hind legs with which the move on land.

What are its habits?

Although it may spend long periods in the sea, it returns to land to mate and have pups. Its social organisation is based on large colonies during the breeding season. The males fight to occupy a territory: the winning sea lion will protect the females who inhabit the space obtained, which he will fiercely defend. As regards the pups, once they are born their growth is rapid (they enter the sea at only two months).

Did you know…

The sea lion goes for stretches without hardly eating. That is when it swallows stones of different sizes, apparently to relieve the contractions of its empty stomach.


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