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  • Ven a visitar al Dromedario | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

Common name:


Scientific name:

Camelus dromedarius


726 kg.


2 m


Preocupación menor
Least concern

Who is it?

The dromedary or Arabian camel is known for its single hump, despite the fact that it is often confused with the camel, which has two. The humps helps it to cope with the hard conditions of its desert habitat: it can metabolise and store up to 36 kg of fat in the hump, which is turned into water and energy, which it lacks food and is in very extreme conditions. It is thus capable of travelling as many as 160 km through the desert without drinking water, withstanding sandstorms and high temperatures which reach 49ºC.

What are its habits?

The dromedary is of Asian origin, though they live in most of Africa. It feeds on all types of vegetation, (even thistles, cacti or acacias, which it digests without harming its mouth). Domesticated about 3,500 years ago, Arabian camels are perfect companions for humans: it helps them with various tasks, given its perfect adaptation to such arid climactic conditions. There are no individuals in the wild.

Did you know…

When thirsty, it can drink as much as 135 litres of water in only a few minutes. When replenishing water, these animals are true sponges.

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