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Common name:

European Lynx

Scientific name:

Lynx lynx


18-30 kg


1,30 m
Rain forest
Grasslands and steppes


Preocupación menor
Least concern

Who is it? 

The Lynx lynx is a feline of medium size, a predator native to European and Siberian forests. It is also the burliest lynx. 

Its fur is of a colour between reddish-brown and yellow, though in winter it is longer and more greyish. Its spots are variable, as regards size and abundance (this depends on the region from which it originates)

Like other lynxes, its tail is short and has a black tip. It has something like “sideburns” which give it a very characteristic appearance like the dark tufts at the tips of its ears (which increase its auditory capacity).

What are its habits?

t breeds between January and March. After a gestation lasting between 60 and 70 days, the female gives birth to a litter of between one and five cubs, which stay with it for a year. After this time, they will begin their independent lives. 

The diet of theEuropean Lynx is based on ungulates (goats, reindeer, camels and roe deer); absent this type of animals they will also eat hares, rabbits, birds and other, larger carnivores.

Did you know…

The lynx is currently in danger of extinction in Europe, Asia Central and the Middle East. Its main threats are excessive hunting, the destruction of its natural habitat and the lack of ungulates, on which its diet is based.

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