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  • Ven a visitar al Leopardo | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
  • Ven a visitar al Leopardo | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
  • Ven a visitar al Leopardo | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

Common name:


Scientific name:

Panthera pardus saxicolor


30-90 kg


1.1 - 1.9 m
Temperate forest and Taiga


En peligro

¿Quién es?

Beautiful, elegant and strong, the Leopard has absolutely everything. It is camouflaged by its spots, it is an excellent jumper, swimmer and climber (in fact, it takes its prey on to the branches of trees).

However, its beauty has taken it to the verge of extinction, above all outside Africa.

It can still ve found in Central Asia, India and China. A black leopard is known as a panther.

What are its habits?

The leopard is solitary and spends little time in a pair: only during reproduction and the first stage of cub-rearing. The female, which can have cubs at any time of year, is the one who is responsible for the vubs (until they are approximately a year or two old).

Since it is not a good long-distance runner, it stalks its victim to kill it. It feeds on antelope, deer, pigs and even dogs.

Did you know…

The leopard shares a family with lions, tigers and jaguars, though it is the smallest in the group.

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