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  • Tiburón toro en Zoo Aquarium Madrid.

Common name:

Sand tiger shark

Scientific name:

Carcharias taurus


159 - 230 kg


2,1 - 3,2 m
Oceans and seas


Monday to Friday at 16:00 h.
Who is it? 

Like the rest of the sharks, they lack a swim bladder, but they are the only known shark capable of swallowing air and filling its stomach like a hydrostatic organ. Its frightening mouth, large and arched, shows sharp teeth and arranged in more than one row, used to capture small prey (fish, squid, sharks and rays and invertebrates such as crabs and lobsters) that swallows in whole, hence their teeth resemble a simple nail.

Their distribution is circumtropical by the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Red Sea, Indian and Pacific.

What are their habits?

They love to plan by facing currents, using these to stay static in the middle of the water. They move with slow movements, always swimming with a fixed course, rarely alter, what they use to hunt. They approach banks of fish or squid discreetly, and when they close, they aprroach them with an explosive head movement, and capture the more confident animals.

The bull shark females, have only two cubs, after 8-12 months of gestation in biennial cycles, so they are very sensitive to overfishing.

Did you know…

Their docile temperament facilitate the exhibition in captivity, where you can train them to facilitate veterinary procedures and periodic examinations with techniques such as desensitization, conditioning, etc.

Children under 3 years free!