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  • Jane Goodball | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

The United Parks Foundation has supported a project led by Jane Goodall Spain which involves the collection and recycling of mobile phones in our Spanish parks.

The goal is to recycle certain metals that are among the components of these devices in order to reduce the need to remove these metals from natural deposits in which they are and whose exploitation is endangering the survival of certain species of chimpanzees in Africa.

To date have been collected and sent to the Jane Goodall Foundation.

Data sheet:
  • Physical location: Oceanographic Valencia, Selwo Adventure Park and Marina in Malaga and Zoo-Aquarium and Faunia in Madrid. It is intended to extend this year the project Amusement Park and Parque Warner Madrid, among others.
  • Start date: 2013.
  • End date: 2014.
Children under 3 years free!