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Everything you need to know for your visit

On this page you will find all the information you need about the visit of the Madrid Zoo Aquarium and the measures we have carried out so you can meet your favorite animals in a safe way for our visitors and staff. 

The ticket sales are enabled with a closed day date exclusively on our website for security and capacity conditions, and we recommend you buy them in advance. If you are a Bono Parques user, now you don't have to book your visit, you can access our park only by showing your valid Bono Parques.

Remember that if you finally can not attend the park on the day you bought your ticket for reasons related to covid-19, you can contact us at the email and we will manage the change date of your entries.

Here you can find out all the measures implemented and the most frequently asked questions. You can also contact us at 911 54 74 79 or write us your query through our contact form.

Discover our main measures:

Medidas de seguridad ante la Covid 19 de Zoo Aquarium de Madrid. Protocolo Covid 19 de Zoo Aquarium de Madrid.


Here you will find the main rules that you must follow before and during your visit to the park.

Compra online

Buy online your ticket and ensure your visit.


Keep your safety distance by following our staff instructions and signals.


Don't come to the Park if you have symptoms (fever, cough and difficult breathing).


Use the dispensers in the park and disinfect your hands before and after entering facilities.


Pay by credit card: you are safer and you queue less.


Carefully follow the instructions of the acoustic messages and signage.


Always wear your approved mask properly.


Collaborate and follow the instructions of our staff.

Hygiene and safety measures

Guest responsibility and measures in the park:

We have been intensively preparing for a re-opening of our park in close cooperation with the authorities. Health and safety of our guests and workers have always been our highest priority. It is our goal that you continue to feel safe and comfortable when visiting us.  

The park will have limitations on attendance, capacity and operating hours. Given this unprecedented situation, we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate through this process as responsibly as we can. 

The park will begin to reopen in a way that incorporates enhanced health and safety measures, including increased cleaning procedures, the use of appropriate protection equipment by both employees and guests, limited-contact guest services and additional health and safety training for employees. As we continue to monitor conditions, and with the health of guests and employees at the forefront of our planning, we may adapt or change the operational measures with the aim of a constant enhancement of guest and employees health.  

IMPORTANT: Here's what to know before you go.

Based on the additional measures and procedures, we ask for guest understanding of and compliance with the following requirements*:  

  • We kindly ask you check you are in good health condition before visiting the park. Guests who have been in contact with a person infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the last 14 days or show symptoms of a respiratory infection or high temperature, shall postpone their visit to the park. We recommend you not to visit the park in case you or anyone who lives with you is at high risk of severe illness. 
  • Recommended online purchase of entry tickets. [On site sales will be limited/not available]. Following public health authorities rules and recommendations, we may request guest’s contact information. In such case, in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations and before collecting any personal data, we will implement the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the privacy of our guests and provide them all the information about their personal data processing, including the enabled channels to exercise their rights and resolve any questions they may have. 

Upon arrival and at park visit:  

  • It is mandatory to wear an approved mask during the entire visit. We suggest to bring your own mask. You can also purchase one from us onsite. There are written instructions around the park to inform guests about use of masks. 
  • It is mandatory to use disinfection and sanitation products before entering into certain spaces or use certain rides. Hand sanitizers will be available at attractions, restaurant and stores. You will find clear instructions around the park. 
  • Please pay attention to the social distance rule and keep, at least, 1,5 meters with other guests throughout your stay. Our park area is large and spacious which means there is enough space for all guests to keep the mandatory minimum social distance but there is an obvious personal responsibility in doing so which we encourage to strictly follow.  You will find clear information and floor markers will be available.  
  • Please wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Please do this regularly. There are plenty of facilities available to do so. 
  • Should you feel unwell during your visit, with symptoms compatible with Covid-19, please avoid contact with other guests and seek for medical attention. Please wear your mouth-nose protection. 
  • If you begin to sneeze or cough for whatever reason, please do it in your elbow, not in your hands. 
  • Please respect in all instances instructions from park personnel and obey all written and oral warnings. Guests who do not comply with these rules may be ejected from the park without refund. 

*These measures will continue to be reviewed as the situation warrants, and may be further adjusted. 

Park operational changes. Areas closed.  

In order to comply with public health regulations and recommendations, being your safety our primary concern, following areas and facilities will remain closed. Learn about this facility closures before buying your tickets.

  • Didactic animal talks
  • Photo with lemurs
  • Playground
  • Photocall of reptiles and lemurs
Is the use of gloves mandatory?

To access our stores, in addition to the approved mask, it will be mandatory to wear gloves and only touch the item to be purchased. We recommend paying by card instead of paying in cash. In the park you will find specific bins where you can deposit masks, gloves and disposable tissues. Please dispose of this material exclusively in these bins.

Remember that the use of gloves is not a substitute for hand washing. In the park you will find dispensers to facilitate hand hygiene.

What do I do if I have symptoms during the visit? 

If you feel sick during your visit, with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 (especially fever), leave the park and call your health center or the phone enabled by the area where you reside. You should always wear a mask to avoid contagion from other people.

Can I smoke in the park? 

Smoking is prohibited in the park and during educational activities, except in the areas specifically defined for smoking areas (you can found them in our park map web page). All these areas are found signposted. Zoo reserves the right to expel from the Park any person who has been requested by Park staff to comply with this rule, will continue to repeatedly breach it


Ticket purchase and reservations

Can I change my booked ticket for reasons related to Covid-19?

Yes, temporarily due to the situation derived from COVID-19, all our products are subject to change of date. This will be possible as long as one or more of the following cases occur:

  • You or one of your attendees has tested positive for a COVID-19 PCR test in the last 15 days.
  • I have clear symptoms of COVID-19.
  • You have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 15 days.
  • Your area suffers from mobility restrictions.

To make a date change for any of the aforementioned reasons, you can contact us at the email or by phone 911 54 74 79.

Remember that the extension of validity of your ticket is conditioned to the capacity available on the day of your visit. You can check the capaccity forecast for the day of your visit on our website. If you have purchased other products such as: Menus or photographs, you must also contact us to reassign a date based on availability You can find this extended information on our purchase conditions page.

Can I buy my tickets online now?

Yes, we currently have available online ticket sales for the whole year. You only have to access our online sales page and make your purchase of tickets and other products on a regular basis, selecting the specific day of visit. We recommend you make your purchase in advance, to ensure your visit to the park the day you want.

Can I buy at the park ticket office?

Due to we have limited capacity for security and hygiene reasons, we will attend extraordinary cases at the box office, such as: promotions that cannot be purchased online, people who do not have access to the Internet or similar cases. We recommend purchasing your tickets through our website.

I am going with a child under 3 years old, do they need a ticket?

No, children under 3 years old do not pay and therefore do not need a ticket. Although they do not have a ticket, they can access the park.

Do disabled companions need to buy a ticket?

No, the reduced ticket for people with disabilities includes free companion entry. With the reduced entry ticket both can access, the companion does not have to buy an additional ticket.

I am a Bono Parques user: do I have to reserve a date to go to the park?

If you are a Bono Parques user, now you don't have to book your visit, you can access our park only by showing your valid Bono Parques, as before.

I am a Bono Parques user: i go with children who do not have a Bono Parques yet, do i have to book their tickets?

If your child does not yet have a Bono Parques, it is not necessary to book, they will be able to access the park with you. You must present your valid Bono Parques.

I am a Bono Parques user with disabilities: does my free companion need to book a ticket?

No, your companion can go with you without having to process their own reservation. You must present your valid Bono Parques.

I have a ticket with an open date until December 31 of this year: do I have to reserve a date to go to the park?

It is not necessary to book in advance, you will only have to present your tickets on the day of the visit to the park upon access.

I still don't know what day I can go to the park, can I buy a ticket with an open date or add flexi ticket to my ticket?

Since we have capacity limitations, unfortunately the option to buy tickets with an open date or add flexi tickets to the purchase is not available.


Activities, restaurants and shops

Will there be educational activities on dolphins, sea lions, birds of prey and exotic birds?

Yes, but they will be carried out with limited capacity and following strict rules of separation and security between groups. 

Will the restaurants be open?

Yes, we will have open restaurants in the park. To guarantee the safety of our visitors and employees, we have installed methacrylate screens on the boxes, dispensers at the entrance and delimited waiting areas. For hygiene and safety reasons, we recommend paying by card instead of cash.

Will the stores be open?

Yes, we will have stores open in the park. Our employees will control the capacity and access of visitors, who must wear a mask and gloves. For hygiene and safety reasons, we recommend paying by card instead of cash.

Can i bring food to the park?

Yes, you can bring food to the park, which you can consume in our picnic area.

Can I use drinking fountains?

The fountains are open by administrative authorization, however our Security Department recommends that you stock up on bottled water.


Certifications that validate the safety of Zoo Aquarium Madrid against Covid-19

Safe Tourism Certified

Sello Safe Tourism

Zoo Aquarium de Madrid obtains the Safe Tourism Certified mark, the reference mark for Safe Tourism, according to the protocols of the Spanish Institute of Tourism Quality.

Download the validation document to get more information.

A COVID-19 safety plan validated by TÜV SÜD

TÜV SÜD has reviewed and validated the plans to reopen Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, ensuring that they are suitable and comply with the requirements of the reference legislation on COVID-19 that are applicable to it as well as the protocols of the Spanish Tourist Quality Institute.

Download the validation document to get more information. 

Children under 3 years free!