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  • Exhibiciones Leones Marinos | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
  • Exhibiciones Leones Marinos | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
  • Exhibiciones Leones Marinos | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

Dates and times:

Monday to Friday: 11:30, 15:00 h Weekends and Holidays: 11:30, 13:30, 16:30 h
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Animals in this exhibition


A fun and exciting display that will allow us to learn about these endearing animals and will teach us curiosities about this fantastic species and their care through the environment.

If you come to Madrid Zoo Aquarium you can’t miss the show with Simón, Ada, Carlota and Erika, our sea lions. They are so friendly that they have adults and children mothers and fathers, eating out of their hands, making us laugh and thrilling us with their cuteness and intelligence. You’ll be able to see them on your visit to the Zoo regardless of the day you come, since the sea lion show is organised every day of the week at different times.

These marine mammals, incorrectly called seals, may measure up to 2.30m and weigh up to 280kg, but this does not stop them reaching a speed of up to 35 km / h and leaping out the water. In fact, nor does it prevent them from being the fantastic actors and companions they are. Their great tool in their movements, leaps and cavorting are their limbs, which have become robust fins.

We are confident that our sea lions will make you enjoy and make the most of your visit to Madrid Zoo Aquarium. Come with all your family to enjoy how cute and affectionate these marvelous large marine mammals are.

*Schedules may be changed, check them at the park access.

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