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  • Pulsera Todo Incluido
Buffet – All you can eat
Disability access

Type of food

Rice dishes
Meat dishes
Fruit & Shakes
Iced drinks
Ice cream
14 allergens free menu


What does the All-Inclusive include?

With our All-Inclusive bracelet you can purchase a consumption per person every 60 minutes maximum. Consumption is defined as a fast-food menu (hamburger, puppy), self-service menu and pizzas, sandwiches, water, normal soft drink or normal beer. In the cafeterias and/ or ice cream shops you can buy drinks, pastries, ice cream and snacks. With the All-Inclusive bracelet you will also have a 50% discount on wines and spirits, in the premises distingued with the distinctive All-Inclusive. If you have any questions, you can consult the staff of our restaurants.

Where can you use the All-Inclusive?

You can use the All-Inclusive bracelet at all points of sale distingued with the distinctive All-Inclusive. Remember that these points are subject to availability according to opening calendar and seasonality throughout the season. Food-carts and vending machines and à la carte dishes from the Bagaray restaurant (where you’ll get a 50% discount) are excluded.

How to get the All-Inclusive?

You can buy this bracelet, only at the entrance of the park (the bracelet is not sold separately), through our website or at the park ticket offices. The day of your visit, go to our Information Center at the entrance to the Park. There they will activate your All-Inclusive bracelet (personal and non-transferable) and teach you how to use it. In order to purchase your All-Inclusive Bracelet at the Ticket Office, you must prove the purchase of a general ticket (from 8 years old) and in the case of the All Inclusive Children bracelet, or the purchase of a reduced ticket (from 3 to 7 years old).

Do not forget…

The bracelet is valid only for the holder, for the day of the visit. The bracelet is non-transferable and therefore, it is not allowed to deliver products (food or drink) to other people. If something is detected, the bracelet will be removed. In case the bracelet is damaged or lost, it will not be replaced.

*All-inclusive restaurants are subject to availability. The bracelet will only be valid on the day of the visit.

Children under 3 years free!