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Come and meet our panda twins

Panda Twins

To see and discover a baby panda for the first time is an adorable and unforgettable experience, and if there are two of them, even more so! And at the Zoo, You You and Jiu Jiu, our little panda twins, are waiting for you to meet them and see their spectacular evolution, since their birth last September 6th.

Both are in the pagoda. You will be able to observe them at alternate times, while one of them stays with the mother and sometimes also together, during the rest or feeding of the mother Hua Zui Ba. Come and discover them, it will be an experience that you will enjoy with your family and that you will never forget. This year is also very special at the Zoo, as it will be our 50th anniversary and we can't wait to share it with you.

Buy your tickets now and come and meet our panda twins!

Our Panda family

Yoy You and Jiu Jiu  are the fifth and sixth panda cubs born at the Zoo from the couple formed by the female Hua Zui Ba and the male Bing Xing. Five years ago, the last birth of a giant panda cub at the Zoo took place with the arrival of Chulina (2016), which followed the births of twins Po and De De (2010) and Xing Bao (2013).

If we were to count the iconic Chulin, born in 1982 from Zoo's first pair of pandas (Shao Shao and the male Chang Chang), they would be the sixth and seventh. A major event in the preservation of endangered species such as the panda bear in the 50 years of Zoo's history. The conservation program outside its place of origin, which is carried out at Zoo Aquarium of Madrid, is fundamental for the survival of this species that, thanks to the efforts of breeding centers and zoological institutions around the world has managed to reduce its threat category from Endangered to a Vulnerable status, according to the IUCN.

You can learn more about this fascinating species in our park and meet our panda family formed by the female Hua Zui Ba, the male Bing Xing, the big sister Chulina and the little twins Yoy You and Jiu Jiu. 

Don't wait any longer and buy your tickets for the Zoo. Come and visit us for an adorable panda experience!


Educational Activities

And to complete your visit, you can also learn and meet the protagonists of our educational activities*, of which we have several sessions throughout the day.

You can start with our Sea lions activity, in which we’re sure that these sociable marine mammals will fascinate you. The intelligence and skills of our dolphins will impress you in a captivating educational activity that you will remember as one of your best moments at the Zoo.

In our birds of prey activity, you will be able to observe the incredible flight, speed and agility of some species such as the white-headed eagle or the eagle owl and in the de exotic birds, you will be able to contemplate the colorful flight of impressive birds including our macaws, cockatoos and toucans.

An experience with all safety measures in which you will discover a lot you didn't know about our animals and you will spend a unique day with your family. Buy your Zoo tickets now!

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