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The CBSG falls under the organizational umbrella of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

The mission of the CBSG is to save the most endangered species from extinction by increasing conservation efficiency worldwide.

Through its annual contribution and membership, the Parques Reunidos Foundation participated last year in the in situ conservation programs of the southern ground hornbill, the jaguar, Caribbean manatees and chimpanzees in Sierra Leone. We also participated in a Think Tank meeting to explore possible models for controlling wild populations of cats and dogs. We also participated with the Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group in a workshop on endangered Indonesian species such as banteng, anoa, komodos, and Javanese gibbons.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature promotes, through education and conservation, the formation of a commission to lay the groundwork and oversee management guidelines for ex situ conservation projects. The Parques Reunidos Foundation actively collaborates in this endeavor.

Data Sheet

  • Physical location: N/A.
  • Start date: 2013.
  • End date: currently active.
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