What do I have to do to make a birthday booking?

You have to call us, ask about availability and make the payment by bank transfer to the account we’ll indicate.

Is the group accompanied?

For the three hours of the birthday programme walk, the group will be accompanied by a monitor who will show them some of the facilities. However, it is necessary that one adult be present and accompany the group for each ten children. This adult accompaniment will be offered free.

What should I do if I arrive late?

A monitor will be waiting for you at the office door at the agreed time.

Do the parents have to pay?

The promotion includes free entry for two adults for every ten paying children. The rest of the companions will have to pay the equivalent amount.

What does the monitor do?

The monitor takes the children on a guided tour of the Zoo Aquarium, explaining different aspects of and curiosities about our animals in greater depth.

What about if there is a child missing and there aren’t 10 of them?

A minimum of 10 children must be paid for at the minimum price. You may look up the prices within each birthday menu.