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African fauna is the 'star' of any self-respecting zoo, and Madrid Zoo Aquarium is no different! Animals in Africa are the passion of zoologists and all who fall in love with the many species that inhabit Africa’s savannahs and plains. Our African Prairie - which has a magnificent savannah viewpoint, three meters high, for taking in its incredible views - is home to zebra, dorcas gazelles, giraffes and wildebeest. Our park offers no less than an urban safari, featuring such fascinating animals as the meerkats and the lemurs of Madagascar. Jungle, air, savannah, desert, water... Africa has exceptional creatures that you will fall in love with as soon as you meet them.

The gorilla is a critically endangered species of impressive size - it is the largest of the primates - and in Madrid Zoo it has been the protagonist of good news, including the successful births of precious infant gorillas. In this way, we’re playing our part in the conservation of one of the most iconic and endangered African species. Other popular apes include the chimpanzees, who are well-loved stars found in the African thematic area.

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