Conservation of Iberian species

The Parques Reunidos Foundation collaborates with the endangered species breeding programs of the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs by providing facilities and technical expertise.

During the current fiscal year, work will also be carried out with other conflictive species in collaboration with the CRAS (Soto de Viñuelas Wild Animal Recovery Center) participating in the control and collection of flower tortoises.

In addition, there is a collaboration with the Dirección General de Medio Ambiente de la Comunidad de Madrid y Department of Nutrition and Food Technology of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UCM in the program for the extraction of exotic freshwater turtles from the natural environment. The Parques Reunidos Foundation also collaborates in the captive breeding of European freshwater turtles, trafficking and seizures of black-headed turtles.

By providing technical expertise and media coverage of the Parques Reunidos Group's parks, the Foundation collaborates in programs to breed a pair of imperial eagles granted by the Ministry of the Environment and Rural Affairs of Spain's Ministry of the Environment and Rural Affairs.nbsp;granted by the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs to the Madrid Zoo Aquarium, as well as two specimens of European mink, also on loan from the aforementioned Ministry. This year, a group of lesser kestrels has also been received from two Autonomous Communities (Catalonia and Madrid), which are exhibited in the Zoo facilities and whose purpose is the reproduction for the subsequent release into the natural environment of the specimens born in the Zoo.

A variety of posters have also been installed at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium with information on the dangers affecting certain animal species. During the current fiscal year we will work with another emblematic species of the Peninsula's fauna: The Iberian lynx.

Data sheet

  • Physical location: Madrid Zoo Aquarium, Faunia.
  • Start date: 2013.
  • End date: currently active.
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