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We are committed to animal welfare through the following programs

At the Zoo, our objective is the care and respect for the animal world and the planet. Therefore, we participate in different conservation programs, whose objective is the preservation and protection of endangered species such as the panda bear, the koala and the European mink, among others.

Find out more about our conservation projects on this page.

  • Panda bear

    The Panda Bear (Giant Panda) conservation program at Madrid Zoo Aquarium: Conservation and reproduction center.

  • Koala


    The Parques Reunidos Foundation collaborates financially with the Australian Koala Foundation ("AKF") in its multiple koala conservation projects in Australia.

  • Monk seal

    The CBD-Habitat Foundation, with the participation of the Parques Reunidos Foundation, has launched a new mammal conservation project on the coast of Mauritania.

  • Conservation of Iberian species

    The Parques Reunidos Foundation collaborates with the Spanish Environment Ministry’s breeding programs for endangered species.

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