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Oceania is in the antipodes, and it is a fascinating continent. The land of wallabies, cassowaries, emus and koalas, the animals in Oceania are all gathered in one of the thematic areas of Madrid Zoo Aquarium. The animal and plant biodiversity on this continent is fabulous - proof of this is that it has tropical and subtropical ecosystems, tundras and mountainous territories: each island is a world of its own. In addition, the "endemic fact" is widespread; it is the exclusive home of many of the species of this world, among which the marsupial family stands out. The most peculiar thing about the fauna in this part of the globe is that it has evolved in a region that is quite unlike the other continents: this is the case with Papua and Tasmania (home of the well-known Tasmanian Devils).

The Rock Wallaby - or Yellow-footed Wallaby - is the species of wallaby you will see in Madrid Zoo. It is easily recognizable by its ringed tail, and it is protected. The koalas, on the other hand, have been part of the landscape of the Madrid park since their arrival in 2001. They were the first of their species from Oceania to arrive in Spain.

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