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Parques Reunidos supports  “The Forest is Calling", a project led by Jane Goodall Spain which consists of the collection and recycling of mobile phones in our Spanish parks.

The aim is to recycle certain metals found among the components of these devices in order to reduce the need to extract these metals from the natural deposits in which they are found and whose exploitation is endangering the subsistence of certain species of chimpanzees in Africa.

To date, more than 500 mobiles have been collected and sent to the Jane Goodall Foundation .

Commitment and daily work on sustainability and recycling in our facilities are reinforced through  different education campaigns raising awareness among all users about the importance of separating packaging so that it can be recycled and have a second life.

Thanks to the collaboration with Ecoembes, the selective collection and recycling of light packaging, paper and cardboard has been promoted through the installation of more than 50 containers to make it easier for visitors and employees to correctly separate the different types of waste.

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Learn more about some of the Zoo's animals in a unique adventure

Learn more about some of the Zoo's animals in a unique adventure