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The ‘Old Continent’ is one of the Earth's temperate regions, along with Southeast Asia and part of North America, with mild and pleasant climates in many of its territories. The westernmost edge of Europe has an Atlantic climate, while Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Mediterranean has a continental climate. Deciduous forests (with oaks, beeches, conifers, pines) abound; while tundra and taiga are landscapes typical of Scandinavia and Russia, respectively. At the Madrid Zoo Aquarium, you will find European animals ranging from the unpredictable brown bear to the fallow deer and the reindeer. European variants includnig the bison   and even Iberian species like the Hispanic goat,the the Iberian imperial eagle, and the Iberian lynx.

Our continent has fauna made up of both domestic animals and wild species (foxes, wild boars, etc.), as well as an abundance of fish. And birds known for their diving skills, such as the shaggy pochard (Aythya fuligula), a widespread variety of diving duck that also lives in Asia. Among the species exhibited at the Madrid Zoo are the griffon vulture and the European eagle, which can reach Iceland, Greenland and northern Asia.

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