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Discover the services we have to make sure your visit has everything you may need

At Madrid Zoo we haveATMs for you to withdraw cash whenever you need it. We offer a locker room service, in case you want to store your belongings and go lighter on your visit. In addition, we have a medical unit, changing rooms in the toilets, information points and much more.

Discover everything we have for you and come and visit us.


We have an Information Office at the entrance of the park, next to the Main Cafeteria, where you can resolve any queries and receive all the relevant information for your visit.

People with disabilities can go to this Office to receive personalized information from our staff about all the services available to them during their visit to the park.

Electric train

Explore the fauna of the five continents aboard our electric train and learn about the curiosities of the most iconic animals of the park.


All the toilets at Zoo Aquarium Madrid have changing tables. Distributed throughout the park for your convenience during your visit.

Toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility

In our park you will find several toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility.


Next to the Information Office, you will find an ATM where you can withdraw cash.

Changing tables

Changing tables are available in the toilets of the park, both in the men's and women's bathrooms, to make the visit more comfortable for the little ones.


If you prefer to deposit any objects you do not need during your visit, including your luggage (cabin trolley suitcase), we have lockers for rent from 5€.

Drinking water sources

There are different points scattered throughout the park, where you will find drinking water fountains.

Picnic area

Madrid Zoo offers a wide range of restaurants, but if you prefer to enjoy your own food, you can do so in the picnic area located next to the dolphinarium.

Identification wristband for children

At Zoo we think about your peace of mind. At the Information Office you can request a free bracelet, which you can fill in with a name and contact telephone number, to help locate a lost child.

Medical unit

Situated next to the flamingo lake, our medical staff will attend to any visitors who require medical assistance. The use of a mask is mandatory to access the medical unit.

Smoking area

In our park you will find several smoking areas; smoking is not allowed outside these areas.

Children's Carts

At the park entrance, you can rent carts for kids, to make your family visit more comfortable.


We have free wheelchairs so that people with reduced mobility can explore our park. Subject to availability in our Medical Service. Advance reservation not available.

Electric motorcycles

At Zoo we have electric motorcycles available to people with reduced mobility so that they can visit our park around. Subject to availability, advance reservation not available. Check conditions at our Information Point.

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The park is in your hands with our app

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