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A day at Madrid Zoo Aquarium is full of emotions. Plan your visit in advance to make your experience unforgettable. Surprise yourself with some of the animals you can meet and the must-see educational activities. Discover the restaurants and shops where you can go to recharge your batteries during your visit. Find out everything you need to know and make the most of your visit!

  • Animals

    Discover the great variety of species that you will meet during your visit

  • Experiences

    Discover all the experiences that await you at Zoo.

  • Continents

    Travel around the world in one day and discover species from every corner of the planet

  • Where to eat

    Enjoy a delicious meal to recharge your energy during your visit to the Zoo

  • Shopping

    Pick up a perfect reminder of your day at the Zoo!

  • Plans for you

    Plans for you

    Whatever group you come with, at Madrid Zoo Aquarium we have the ideal plan for you

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Learn more about some of the Zoo's animals in a unique adventure

Learn more about some of the Zoo's animals in a unique adventure

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