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Giant pandas (better known as panda bears) are arguably the most famous members of the animal family in Asia. At Madrid Zoo Aquarium, they are a true icon: the panda pagoda is one of the most admired places by visitors, although it is not the only Asian species in the enclosure. Steppes, semi-arid and humid regions make up the Asian landscape, which is characterized by different habitats and ecosystems. Exotic animals such large mammals (Asian elephants, Indian rhinos) and marvelous primates (orangutans, and white-handed gibbons) are some of the specimens that can be admired in the Casa de Campo park.

Animals in Asia are well represented at Madrid Zoo. In facilities such as the Tiger Facility (with species such as the superb Bengal Tiger) or the Bear Facility, where two types of bears are exhibited: the Sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) and the Tibetan bear. The very beautiful red panda and the enigmatic père-david's-deer are other Asian species encountered along the trail.

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