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  • Foca Monje: Programa de conservación | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

The monk seal is one of the mammals of the world's most endangered marine world.

Until recently, the monk seal was common sight on the shores of the Mediterranean, but the destruction of their habitats, due mainly to tourism related to coastal development, pollution, the poaching and threats of the fishing industry, has led this species to a dramatic decline in the number of copies.

At present, there are only small communities on the brink of extinction. The CBD-Habitat Foundation, with the participation of the United Parks Foundation has launched a new project for the conservation of mammals on the coast of Mauritania, supporting their projects through our zoos and aquariums (Madrid Zoo Aquarium, Faunia, Selwo Marina, Selwo Aventura, Oceanographic in Valencia, Aquopolis Costa Dourada, Marineland Antibes, Blackpool Zoo and aquariums Lakes and Bournemouth).

The United Parks Foundation has contributed since the project began in 2010 more than 73,000 €.

Data sheet
  • Physical location: Peninsula Cabo Blanco (Mauritania).
  • Start date: 2010
  • End date: 2014.
Children under 3 years free!


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