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  • Programa Oso Panda | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

Zoo Aquarium of Madrid, within the research project on the behavior and reproduction of the Giant Panda, makes different behavioral and reproductive studies of this unique species listed as critical as listed by IUCN.

It has also prepared a document, "Management and the giant panda breeding facilities Madrid Zoo-Aquarium" where playback experience since the arrival of the pair of pandas in September 2007 described to the birth of two offspring by artificial insemination in September 2010.

This project is part of the conservation project and reproduction of giant panda, whereby the Madrid Zoo-Aquarium is involved in a program of "Ex situ" conservation of this species.

Data sheet

  • Location: Madrid Zoo Aquarium (along with other research centers).
  • Start date: 2007
  • End date: 2015
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