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The extraordinary richness of the New World is reflected in its fauna. The North American animals at Madrid Zoo Aquarium represent a part of the hemisphere, in a geographically and orographically very interesting continent. Containing the Great Lakes - in Ontario in Canada, and part of the United States, the Hawaiian tropical forests, deserts such as the Mapimí Silent Zone, mangroves, tundra and grasslands where the amazing bison graze. The park contains individuals from the the American and European species of these terrestrial mammals, which are further characterised by being the largest on the continent. Did you know that a male can easily weigh as much as a tonne?

The moose (Alces alces alces) also stands out because of its dimensions in the deer family; in the wild, it loves forests and wetlands. North America is the range of the raccoons, very adaptable mammals that roam the human settlements and are part of the animal collection at the Casa de Campo. LikeUrsus americanus or American black bear, an inhabitant of tablelands and temperate forests – to where it withdraws when the weather turns cold, to hibernate. They are bears that can only be seen in North America. But also at Madrid Zoo.