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How do I buy tickets on the internet?

It’s very simple, you only need to follow the instruction you’ll find in the online sales section at Once the purchase has been completed, you’ll receive the tickets at an email address you’ve given us. Print them and with this document you won’t need to wait in line at the ticket office, go to the porter, show him them and enjoy Madrid Zoo! The tickets are valid every day until 31 December of the current year. 

Are there group rates?

Yes, for a minimum of 20 people. For more information, consult our groups and schools department on 911 547 481

Are there special prices for large families?

Yes, you can find out about special prices at,

How much to over-65s pay?

People aged more than 65 years have a special rate, you can find out about the prices at in

We have a baby, does he/she have to pay?

No, children under 3 years old can enter the zoo for free.

Do the tickets bought online expire?

Yes, but you shouldn’t worry since they are valid until 31 December in the year in which you purchase them.

Is it possible to buy or book tickets online in advance?

Yes, you can do so through our online shop at

What is included in the ticket?

The ticket allows you to see all our enclosures, except for animal interactions, which are paid separately.

And in public transport?

You can come on Metro line 10 and 5 to the Casa de Campo station and then walk down or take the EMT local Bus line 33 at Príncipe Pío, which leaves you at the door to the park.

How do I get there in a car?

Take exit 5A of the Estremadura Dual Carriageway (A-5/N-V) and follow the indications to the zoo.

Are there pushchairs for children?

Yes, you can find about the prices and models at information when you arrive at the park.

Can I use the flash to take pictures of the animals?

In some cases no, such as the fish and other animals, which is also indicated at the enclosure, since it can seriously damage their sigh.

Can I feed the animals leftover food I brought myself?

No, what we might enjoy might can them serious dietary problems

Can I smoke in the park?

Yes, except for closed buildings, shops, the interior dining rooms of the restaurants and during the shows.

Where can we eat at the zoo?

In the zoo we have a wide range of culinary options for all budgets, from baguettes and hamburgers at the kiosks, to table service in our  restaurant Bagaray or our self-service restaurant Kibanda.

How long does the train last and what can I see with it?

The tour lasts approximately 20 minutes. You’ll see the main enclosures such as: Indian rhinoceros, red pandas, chimpanzees, Asian elephant, bison and oranguntans.

Can you drive motor vehicles in the park?

Yes, we have some electronic vehicles for hire at information. We also have a train which shows you the most important areas of the zoo.

Are there ATMs?

You have an ATM at the entrance to the main shop.

Can I go out to my car during the visit?

Yes, you must tell our information employees so they can tell you how to get back into the park.

Can I take food from home?

Yes, but our park offers a wide range of food and drink.

Do I need to pay for parking?

No, our parking is totally free.

Can I access my pet to the park?

No, for security reasons it is not allowed to enter the park with animals except guide or self-help dogs.

Can I smoke in the park?

Yes, but it is not allowed to do so during the exhibitions, in indoor facilities and in closer spaces to the animals. But in fact, we recommend not smoking at all at Zoo all to maintain a clean environment in our park.

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