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Pack Zoo Madrid + Faunia

If you buy the tickets separately, Zoo would cost you 26,95€ and Faunia 31,90€, in total 58,85€. With this promotion, you will save 20€ and pay only 37,90€! You can visit one of the parks on the date of your choice and the other when you feel like it! Learn about the most fascinating animals and live unique experiences.

Two parks for less

Buy the Pack and come to Zoo Madrid and Faunia for a special price, available online only.

On two different days

Visit Zoo and Faunia whenever you want until 12/31 of the current year, without reservation!

Unique experiences

Educational activities, Aquarium at the Zoo, interactions at Faunia... Find out more!

Discover animals from the 5 continents at Zoo

The African prairie with giraffes, the Iberian lynx and elephants are just some of the many inhabitants of the Zoo. With your ticket, you can also visit our aquarium, with its impressive sharks. You can also attend the educational activities with dolphins, sea bears and birds of prey and exotic birds or the didactic talks, to learn more about some of our animals. Are you going to miss it?

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Enter the amazing ecosystems of Faunia

At Faunia you can visit the Poles, with more than 100 penguins, the Jungle with manatees and toucans or the African Forest, with its 3 species of lemurs, passing through areas such as Veneno (Poison), with the most toxic animals on the planet. Enjoy the educational activities of marine mammals and birds of prey and exotic birds, or educational talks about some of our inhabitants. And you can also get up close and personal with fur seals, manatees, penguins, reptiles and saimiri in their interactions with animals (at an additional cost) for the ultimate nature experience.

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The park is in your hands with our app

Zoo and Faunia for only €37.90

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