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IMPORTANT: All talks are temporarily suspended. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Spanish Imperial Eagle Talk

Learn about this fascinating native species and discover features about its biology, character and main threats. After attending this talk, you’ll be able to differentiate it from other birds. Come and join in!

Aquarium Talk

Dive into the depths of our Aquarium and discover the most fascinating species on the seabed. In our talks, you will learn about the morphology of such impressive animals as the bull shark, the gray shark and the nurse shark.

Elephant Talk

Want to know why we’ve expanded and improved ourelephant facilities? Do you know why they have sunshades and a swimming pool? Or the importance of sand in the life of an elephant? Or how many muscles they have in their trunk? All these animal facts and many more in our talks.

Gorillas Talk

Discoverhow gorillas live, their customs, biologyand conservation status. We will introduce you to our group led by Malabo, and to the females with their young.

Koalas Talk

Do you know why koalas sleep for so many hours? Our educator  will explain this and many other curiositiesabout these uniqueanimals.

Orangutan Talk

These fascinating animals have a lot to tell us. They are primatesfrom Sumatra and Borneo with stories that will leave you wanting more. Come and meet our group and enjoy watching the babies play.

Giant panda bears talk

Meet our family of pandas Hua Zui Ba, Bing Xing and their daughter, Chulina, and discover all the amazing facts that you didn't know about these lovable animals.

Brown Bears Talk

Come and meet our group of bears. You’ll be amazed by these animals. You’ll learn all about their biologyand conservation status

White Rhinoceros Talk

These fascinating dinosaur-like animals charm all our visitors. When our educator tells you stories about them, they’ll soon become your favorite animals.

Chimpanzee Talks

Our closest relatives. Do you want to discover the similarities and differences we have with them? Come to the facility and enjoy the talk. You’ll be surprised!

Iberian Lynx Talk

It is the most endangered feline on the planet and only inhabits the forests of the Iberian Peninsula. Discover the Iberian lynx at Madrid Zoo Aquarium, and the efforts that are being made to repopulate the Mediterranean forests with one of its most emblematic species.

Giant Otter Talks

Otters are amazing animals that spend their lives in most aquatic ecosystems on our planet, in both freshwater and seawater.

Did you know that each otter has a unique marking on its neck? It's like our fingerprint.

If you want to learn many more things about these fascinating animals, don't miss the talk we will be giving at their facility.

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