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The best Halloween awaits you at Zoo in 2024

The funniest Halloween plan awaits you at Zoo, where the whole family can enjoy activities in which fear becomes fun! The most mysterious Halloween begins in mid-October, between pumpkins and enigmatic animals so that young and old can have a great time. Keep reading and discover everything that we prepare every year to celebrate the most terrifyingly fun season.

A family plan

The Halloween season at Zoo is perfect to get to know some of our inhabitants in a different way and learn more about them, their characteristics and the threats they face in their natural habitats. Some of our inhabitants star in fun thematic talks that you cannot miss.

And what would Halloween be without pumpkins? At this time, certain animals receive their food along with pumpkins. This activity is carried out as part of their environmental enrichment, so that the animals perform and develop some of their skills to get a portion of their favorite fruit as a reward. A very curious activity that we are sure you will love.

But that's not all, because the kids of the house on Halloween at Zoo have activities designed for them. Every year we prepare activities in which they can develop their creativity, learn curiosities about our animals and bring out their most mysterious side. We are sure that it will be an incredible experience and that you will live a day that you will remember forever. Sounds great, right?

Workshops to continue learning

Every year, our education department prepares the best workshops to enjoy Halloween at the Zoo like you can't imagine. According to the school calendar of the year, we have Days without school, exclusively for children in which they can go to the Zoo during the day and spend a monstrously fun day.

Coinciding with the last days of Halloween, we also have special Halloween family workshops, in which our educators and veterinarians tell the attendees all the secrets and legends that surround some of nature's most enigmatic creatures and in which some of our inhabitants receive pumpkins in our particular version of Trick or treat.

The most mysterious Halloween awaits you in Zoo, don't miss it!

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