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Disfruta de la Navidad en Zoo Aquarium de Madrid Disfruta de la Navidad en Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

The best Christmas plan awaits you in December

Enjoy with your family discovering your favorite animals

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Family fun for Christmas

The most endearing time to enjoy with the family awaits you at Madrid Zoo Aquarium at the beginning of next December. Our park is filled with magic and illusion so that you can come as a family and meet your favorite animals, discover the most winter species and have a great time surrounded by the best Christmas atmosphere. Keep reading so you don't miss out on what you can experience in our next Christmas season.

The most wintry animals and the best Christmas atmosphere

Visiting the Zoo is one of the best Christmas plans in Madrid, because you can meet some of our winter animals such as reindeers, red pandas, bison, brown bears or the Bactrian camel. It is also a perfect occasion to discover our family of panda bears, meet the little twins and see how they enjoy a good bamboo breakfast. And of course, you can't miss Hope, the elephant calf from Zoo, or the little orangutan Sinar, other of the great protagonists of the Holidays.

During your visit, our educational activities of dolphins, sea lions, and birds of prey and exotic await you, to learn more about these species and how to contribute to their protection. An experience that we are sure that you and your family will not forget.

In Christmas, Zoo is decorated with the best atmosphere and year after year, it recreates some of its traditions. One of them is a very particular nativity scene, the one that is installed inside the aquarium's shark tank. This nativity is placed, piece by piece, by the Zoo's aquarists, while sharks, rays and giant groupers swim around it and is kept all Christmas for visitors to view from the main display.

In the Chulín square, we placed another of our favorite nativity scenes, the one made up of figures of panda bears. We are sure that you will love to see them, take lots of photos of them and take home a great memory of your visit.

Camps to continue learning at Christmas

Christmas is synonymous with holidays for the kids, but that does not mean they have to stop learning. During the working days at the end of December and the first week of January, at Zoo we carry out the most fun camps, in which children have a great time with their favorite animals. From the hand of our Education department, they learn everything about the winter animals, prepare gifts and toys for them, make wishes for the new year and discover how to contribute to the environment during Christmas.

A dreamy Christmas awaits you in 2023, don't miss it!

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