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Meet Sananda

Still no plan for Easter? Madrid Zoo Aquarium welcomes you for a day of nature with your family. One of the best Easter plans in Madrid and with all safety measures, awaits in our park: are you in?

You can discover your favorite animals and our new female Indian rhinoceros, Sananda. This species has only 3.588 specimens in Asia (its place of origin) and 79 specimens in European zoos, due to the loss of its habitat and above all, due to illegal hunting to traffic its horn in Asian traditional medicine. Sananda is the perfect ambassador for the Indian rhino conservation program in Madrid, in which we collaborate through the organization Save the rhino. This NGO is dedicated to the protection of the 5 species of rhino in the world and to fight against their illegal hunting, which causes that every 12 hours a rhino is illegally hunted.

Come to the Zoo this Easter to meet Sananda and discover this impressive species!

Educational Activities

Visit the Zoo at Easter, it’s one of the best plans in Madrid. Coinciding with the beginning of spring, you can enjoy a day of nature meeting impressive animals and their offspring like our panda bears and Chulina, our baby elephant Hope, our baby orangutan Sinar and Yangu, our little gorilla, and our otter cubs, which are almost the same size as their parents.

You can also join our educational activities of dolphins, sea lions and birds of prey and exotic birds. An experience you will not forget! Check the schedule on the day of your visit and remember to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance to gain access to the facility.

Souvenir photo

And if you want to take home the best souvenir of your visit, sign up for our photographs with animals. You can buy your ticket and add your photo with giraffe, sea bear, birds raptor or exotic bird (subject to schedules and availability, confirm upon arrival at the park).

You can also sign up for our photo with dolphin (available only at the park). You will have an incredible moment of your visit forever, don't wait any longer and get your picture taken!

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Visit the park in complete safety

Visit the park in complete safety