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The best Easter will come on 2025 at Zoo

A unique experience as a family!

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The best Easter will come on 2025 at Zoo

Easter at the Zoo means family fun at a time when the color and energy of spring fill our park. For this reason, this time of year is the perfect time to visit us, enjoy the first cubs of the year that are born in our park and meet your favorite animals again, on a day full of nature. Do you want to discover what we prepare every year in this season? Well keep reading!



Altai and Dunai are waiting for you at Zoo

And what better way to start Easter at the Zoo than by discovering Altai and Dunai, the Zoo's Siberian tigers? A fascinating species of which there are less than 600 specimens left in the world and with which we collaborate to prevent their extinction. With your visit, you will also be contributing to their protection.

After visiting the Siberian tigers, you can go to our Indian rhino facility and meet Sananda, the female of this species. You will be able to observe its impressive skin, shaped like a shell and its horn, and discover, if you did not already know, that it is made up of keratin. Yes, like our nails!

Easter at Zoo is also perfect for meeting another of our great families. In the Asian fauna zone, you can discover our family of elephants. Hope, the little male, shares games with Pilar and Vera, her cousins, and with the arrival of good weather, baths and fun in the water. A spectacular image that you cannot miss.

Live the best experiences

Visiting the Zoo at Easter is one of the best plans to enjoy with the family: you will get to know fauna from the 5 continents, and some of the most representative species of our park, if you attend our educational activities on dolphins, sea lions and birds of prey and exotic . In addition, you can take the best memory with one of our photographs with animals. An experience you will not forget!

Camps to continue learning at Easter

At Easter, the kids of the house are on vacation, but they can continue learning. During the working days of the week, at Zoo we carry out the most fun camps, in which children have a great time with their favorite animals. From the hand of our Education department, they learn everything about the animals and the young of spring and respect for Nature and care for the environment.

The best Easter in the Zoo awaits you in 2024, don't miss it!

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