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See you next summer at Zoo

The best time of the year to enjoy Zoo will be back very soon.

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See you next summer at Zoo

The best time of the year to enjoy the Zoo will be back very soon.

We are looking forward to enjoying the summer with you again at the Zoo. Take advantage of the best days of the year, the long days full of light to enjoy the last cubs and births of summer. We invite you to spend the best family plan, meeting animals from the 5 continents and living an unforgettable day, touring our park, in the heart of the Casa de Campo. Read on if you want to discover what awaits you in summer!

Discover our African prairie

The warmer months of the year are synonymous with travel, new experiences and memories to last a lifetime. And how about discovering the heart of the African savannah in Madrid? Get closer to our African continent and discover the impressive species that inhabit it. Do not forget to stop by Sombras de Borneo, where you will find the coast gorillas, with their incredible family and little Kibo, or include the white rhinoceros couple in your visit.

But without a doubt, the star facility in this area is the African prairie. In this large outdoor area, there are some of the most representative animals of African fauna, such as giraffes, with their long necks, the agile zebras or the white-tailed wildebeest. In addition, we have a superior viewpoint, from which you can take a closer look at the giraffes and really discover their great height, it will leave you impressed!

In addition, you can take a great memory of this species with our photo with a giraffe, which we take every day.

Unforgettable educational activities

And how about surrounding yourself with water? In summer at the Zoo we carry out the most refreshing educational activities on dolphins and sea lions and the most colorful on birds of prey and exotic ones.

This time is also great to tour our Aquarium and meet a wide variety of tropical fish or the impressive sharks in the main exhibit.

 An experience that will make it an unforgettable summer!

Summer camps

In summer, the holidays for the kids of the family are perfect for them to continue learning in the Zoo camps. Every week, our education department develops a thematic program, so that children can enjoy, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., a lot of related activities, with which they discover our animals and at the same time respect Nature and care enviroment.

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