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A Zoo just like you

Summer is the perfect season for discovering the Zoo. Come with your family to Madrid Zoo Aquarium and discover our elephants, with their little baby Hope, "cute" just like you! Meet the panda bear, our iconic animal, and you’ll see that he’s as "funny" as you are! And how about getting closer to our African grassland to discover our "skillful" giraffes? Afterwards, you will surely want to get closer to our flamencos and their chicks, as "stylish" as you are.

The best nature adventure awaits you at the Zoo to spend a day full of nature, fully compliant with all safety measures. Are you ready to discover all the animals in our park and why they are like you? We can’t wait to see you!

Educational Activities

During your visit, you can sign up for all our educational activities*, of which we have several throughout the day. 

You can start with our sea lion activity, where you will discover these sociable marine mammals. Our dolphins are waiting for you in their educational activity, where you can learn all about them and see their amazing skills. 

In our activity of birds of prey, you will discover the elegance of some of our species such as the white-headed eagle and the eagle owl, and in the exotic-birds, you will discover the impressive colorful feathers of birds like our macaws.

A perfect way to round off your visit. Are you in?


And if you want your day at the Zoo to leave a lasting memory, don't forget to take your photograph with our animals. You can choose between a photo* with a dolphin, with birds of prey or exotic birds, a photo with a sea lion or a giraffe

It’s the best way to remember a perfect family day. You can buy your photo at the park or through our website (except photo with dolphin) on its own or with your ticket.

Don't wait any longer and come visit us!

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Visit the park in complete safety

Visit the park in complete safety