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Green winged macaw

Scientific name:  Ara chloroptera
Class:  Birds
Continent:  South America
Habitat:   Bosque tropical
Diet:  Frugívoro
Weight:  1 - 1,35 kg
Size:  85 - 120 cm
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Meet the Green-winged macaw!

The Green-winged Macaw, has a magnificent plumage and is part of the large family of the so-called "parrots".

Its scientific name, "Ara", comes from the sound it makes. It is found in  rainforests ranging from Mexico to Brazil. The Macaw typically lives near water, and is threatened due to habitat destruction (illegal trade threatens its survival).

They are quite large and attract attention because of their vivid and spectacular coloring, and their shrill call with which they communicate during flight. Juveniles resemble adults, but have shorter tails.

What are their habits?

The macaw lives in small groups or in pairs, with which it builds its nests during the mating season. Their typical nesting places are in hollows of trees, which are difficult for predators to access. Eggs are incubated by the female, although both sexes are responsible for the care of the chicks. Hatchlings leave the nest as soon as they learn to fly.

Their diet is based on assorted fruits, seeds, nuts and berries.

Extinct in the wild
Critically endangered
Near threatened
Least concern
Insufficient data
Not evaluated


They are docile and sociable birds, which is why they adapt easily to home life (although, as with other birds of their species, they tend to focus their affection on a single person).

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