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Coconut Lorikeet

Scientific name:  Trichoglossus haematodus
Class:  Birds
Continent:  Oceania
Habitat:   Bosque tropical
Diet:  Frugívoro
Weight:  116 - 142 g
Size:  26 cm
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Meet the Coconut Lorikeet!

There are at least 22 known subspecies of Coconut Lorikeet, differentiated from each other by the color of their head, nape and chest. The predominant color on the robust body of this bird is green: seen on its back, rump and pointed tail. The beak of young coconut lorikeets is dark brown (in adults it becomes orange or red). When it flies, the lorikeet spreads its shiny wings and screeches a lot. While feeding, the lorikeet is silent (so much so that it can go unnoticed among the vegetation, given its green plumage). Within the islands of its distribution area, and given the absence of predators, it has evolved to live  mainly on the land.

What are its habits?

It normally lives in large flocks, as it is a sociable animal capable of forming mixed groups with other species. It feeds mainly on nectar, ripe fruits, flowers and insects (soft foods, rich in proteins and vitamins). Its brush-like tongue has adapted to this diet: it uses its beak to crush the fruit pulp and extract the juice and seeds. Males and females look the same, and only the female incubates the eggs for about 27 days, although the nest is prepared by both sexes, who share the task of feeding the young. Chicks leave the nest eight weeks after hatching.

Extinct in the wild
Critically endangered
Near threatened
Least concern
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The nests of the Coconut lorikeet are usually found in holes in rotten wood, as well as in the extreme branches of eucalyptus trees. The putting oscillates between the three and four eggs, and it takes place in intervals of one or two days.

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