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Common name:

Loggerhead sea turtle

Scientific name:

Caretta caretta


80-200 kg


70-95 cm
Oceans and seas
Central America and Caribbean


En peligro
Monday to Friday at 16:00 h.
Who is it?

The Loggerhead sea turtle is a turtle which spends its life in the sea, both in the open sea and in shallow coastal waters. Only the females climb on to the tropical and subtropical coast to dig nests and lay eggs. It’s a cosmopolitan species: it’s distributed in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, as well as in the Mediterranean sea. It has the largest hard shell in the world (it is, moreover, its best armour); both the upper part of the shell and the head range from orangey-yellow to reddish-brown, whereas the lower part of its body (the plastron) is pale yellow. The turtle’s neck and sides have brown tones on the top and yellow tones on the sides and on the lower body.

What are its habits?

The Loggerhead sea turtle reproduces approximately every two or three years. The female reaches sexual maturity at between 17 and 33 years. That is when the turtle lays more than a hundred eggs; the gestations lasts from 45 to 70 days. As regards its feeding, it’s very varied: jellyfish, fish and algae make up its diet. It’s an animal of solitary and migratory habits.

Did you know...?

This species of turtle is very long-lived. Its life expectancy may reach 62 years.

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