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Common name:


Scientific name:

Struthio camelus


180 kg


2,75 - 3 m


Preocupación menor
Least concern
Who is it?

It is the largest living bird and, though it has lost the ability to fly, it is characterised by being a magnificent runner.

The ostrich also has magnificent eyesight which, together with its great height, make it an expert at scanning the scene: it can watch the horizon and flee at the slightest danger.

It lives in the Sahara, in the Libyan desert, in the central African steppes and in the southern plains of the Dark Continent.

What are its habits?

When they are chicks, ostriches change colour to match the ground, remaining completely immobile (and perfectly camouflaged against possible predators). The males are polygamous, they tolerate no rivals in their harem, and they carry out a spectacular mating dance. All the females, for their part, lay eggs in the same nest (both males and females brood). The ostrich is an omnivorous bird: it eats plants, insect, reptiles or rodents.

Did you know…

Ostrich eggs may reach considerable weights (up to a kilogramme-and-a-half in some cases).

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