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Schools and Groups

Education about environmental respect and care

Education is one of our main tasks at Madrid Zoo Aquarium, encouraging children to know, respect and participate in the protection of Nature. Our Education Department collaborates every day with schools in educational training, to raise awareness of the importance of a sustainable future to all students, at all educational levels. Education is the key to conservation and at Zoo we believe it is the key to the future of our planet.



We at the Zoo are eager for you to come with your school and that's why, if you make your reservation to visit us with your class during the months of January and February 2022, the price per student of any course will be 11.75€. Second and third term students will be eligible for this price, instead of the usual price of 14,30€ per student. These school visits must take place from Monday to Friday, only during January and February 2022 and must be composed of a minimum of 20 paying students. It is valid only for school visits (students and teachers) and it is essential to book in advance and pay in advance.

But that's not all: if you make your reservation for a school visit before February 28th, we'll give you 2 additional student tickets* for the group, for school visits from Monday to Friday and with a minimum of 40 paying students. To take advantage of this promotion, it is essential to pay the full amount of the visit in advance. 

In addition, if you make the prepayment of your reservation, you will get theelectric-train ride for free!


Virtual Tours

A new experience in which you can take a virtual tour connected live with one of our experts without leaving the classroom.

Enjoy this new project that also includes entrance to the park for the student + 50% discount for up to 4 companions.

Early Childhood Education

The little ones will discover the complexity of the animal world, and will develop values of respect and care for Nature.

Primary education

They will learn about the diversity of living beings and the importance of conserving our Planet.

  • First Term

Students will become aware of the diversity of living things that exist on our Planet.

  • Second Term

Students will learn the importance of maintaining a respectful attitude towards nature. They will identify problems and find solutions.

  • Third term

Through actual sampling, students will learn about ecosystems, biodiversity, ethology, and other topics related to animals.

Secondary education: Sixth form and Vocational Training

Through specific visits on primates, adaptations or  seas and oceans, students will complete their training in the field of Biology and Conservation.

Special education

Environmental education is a valuable tool for people with temporary or permanent special educational needs.


Teachers are welcome to visit our classrooms and learn about our training offerings. Reservations must be made in advance.


We have implemented special hygiene measures to ensure that students can learn and have fun, with their favorite animals, in asafe way. We have increased thecleanliness and hygiene processes with individual protection measures by employees and visitors, complying with social distance, and carrying out additional health and safety training plans for employees.

Rules to comply with during the visit:

    • The use of a facemask is mandatory for children over six years of age and recommended for children between 3 and 5 years of age. Always mandatory in enclosed spaces
    • During the tour, you will find hand sanitizersfor your use.
    • The park area is 22 hectares, most of it is outdoors, with enough space to maintain social distance. In addition, we have informational signage, such as markers on the ground.
    • We have a limited and controlled capacity in the park, as well as in indoor facilities (Aquarium, Gorilla Pavilion) and educational activities(Dolphins, Birds of Prey, Sea Lions and Exotic Birds).
    • For complementary activities, such as guided tours and educational workshops, an educator will be assigned respecting the stable coexistence groups of each center. Each class will go with an educator ensuring the established security measures and not mixing with other groups. Wherever materials are used, they are disinfected before and after each use.
Learn more about some of the Zoo's animals in a unique adventure

Learn more about some of the Zoo's animals in a unique adventure