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  • Conservacion Especies Iberica | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

The United Parks Foundation collaborates with breeding programs for endangered species in the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs by providing facilities and expertise.
During this year will also work with other troubled species in collaboration with the CRAS (Centre for recovery of wild animals Soto de Viñuelas) participating in the control and collection of turtles florida, gray parrots or Kramer.

In addition, a collaboration with the Directorate General Environment of the Community of Madrid and Department of Nutrition, Food Science and Food Technology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UCM in the program exotic freshwater extraction of the natural environment. The United Parks Foundation also assists in the breeding of European freshwater, trafficking and seizures of blackberries turtles.

By providing expertise and media coverage of United Parks Parks Group, the Foundation collaborates in breeding programs for a pair of imperial eagles provided by the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Madrid Zoo Aquarium, and as of a couple of European mink, also donated by the Ministry. This exercise has also received two regions (Catalonia and Madrid) a group of Lesser Kestrels on display at the Zoo facilities and whose purpose is reproduction for later release into the environment of individuals born at the Zoo .
It has also been installed in the Madrid Zoo Aquarium of different posters with information on hazards affecting certain animal species. During the year we will work with other emblematic species of fauna of the Peninsula: The Iberian lynx

Data sheet:
  • Physical location: Madrid Zoo Aquarium, Faunia
  • Start Date 2013
  • End date: 2014.
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