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The African fauna is the “star” of any zoo worth its salt. At Madrid Zoo Aquarium this unwritten law is observed. The animals in Africa are the passion of zoologists and lovers of the species that inhabit the plains of the Dark Continent. Those at the park in Madrid, which has a magnificent Savannah Vantage Point, located at a height of three metres, to see their amazing views-, zebra, Dorcas gazelles, giraffes and wildebeest. An urban safari is what the park offers; it also has animals as fascinating as meerkats or the lemurs of Madagascar. Jungle, air, savannah, desert, water ... This part of the globe has exceptional creatures, real magnets that leave visitors hopelessly in love.

The western lowland gorilla is a critically endangered species that amazes people with its size-and for a reason, it’s the largest of the primates, and which at Madrid Zoo has been the subject of good news: mainly the birth of gorgeous infants. The Casa de Campo thus collaborates in the conservation of one of the most charismatic and endangered African species. Another ape that is characterised by its popularity is the chimpanzee, which is also well represented in the thematic area dedicated to African animals.