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Common name:

Cape Barren goose

Scientific name:



3,77-5,29 kg


75-100 cm
Rivers, swamps, marshes and lakes


Preocupación menor
Least concern
Who is it? 

The Cape Barren goose or gallinaceous bird is the least aquatic of its species. It is not a good swimmer and is characterised by its ungraceful and slow flight (this is due to the fact that it is a portlier bird than the rest of its relatives). It is the typical symbol of Australian birds, since it is native to the islands off the south coast of Australia.

What are its habits?

This goose spends its life on land and is characterised by being aggressive and territorial (especially during the breeding season). It fears no one and drives away larger animals, and even humans, from its space. It feeds on grasses, buds and shoots. As for reproducition, it broods for 35 days (it usually lays between three and six eggs). Its life expectancy is more than 15 years.

Did you know…

When Cape Barren geese hatch, they follow their mother (though they learn to find their own food from a very young age).

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