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Common name:


Scientific name:

Pan Troglodytes


Hasta 90 kg


75 -95 cm
Rain forest


En peligro
Sábados y festivos: 13:30 h.

Who is it?

The chimpanzee, of the large apes, is that which is most similar to humans: its facial expressiveness is without parallel among animals. With an almost human face, it is a mammal that communicates with its fellows very easily.

Svelte, its arms are longer than its legs. It has black fur, which is absent on its face, the crown and ears.

In danger of extinction, it is currently only found in the West African jungles.

What are its habits?

It is a gregarious animal, organised into free groups which are part of a community. The composition of these groups is very variable: mixed, consisting of adults and juveniles or homogenous, males or females.

Delousing is a social ritual which promotes friendship between individuals whose intelligence approaches that of humans.

They are capable of learning behaviours from their fellow chimps.

The infant is born when its development is not very advanced and it needs its mother to survive. It feeds from her and moves on her back. She is its great ally, from whom it learns through play.

Did you know…

It communicates with yells and is therefore one of the noisiest animals. Its skill in feeding and defending itself also stands out, since it is capable of making and even using tools.

Children under 3 years free!