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Common name:


Scientific name:



30-60 kg


1,50-1,90 m
Temperate forest and Taiga


Preocupación menor
Least concern
Who is it?

The Emu is one of the most widespread dbirds in Australia. Unfortunately, it is extinct in Tasmania, though it is abundant in continential Australia (so much cso that it is even a serious pest in some areas,s,due to cereal farming).

Its plumage is grey, like its head and its long legs. The skin on its next is, however, slightly bluish.It is one of the largest ,birds, behind on the ostrich in this respect.

What are its habits?

During reproduction, it is the male emu who takes responsibility for incubating the eggs and looking after the chicks until they are approximately six months old. The clutch may consist of five to 20 eggs in total (which are much smaller than ostrich eggs).

Its diet is made up of seeds, fruit, flowers and insects.

Did you know…

The incubation of the emu, which is the male’s responsibility, lasts a total of 56 days.

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