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Aquarium Store

Gifts & Souvenirs
The store is located in the park's aquarium
Accessible for people with disabilities
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Aquarium Store: dive into a sea of memories!

Marine fauna is simply fascinating. Our Aquarium brings together a huge variety of exotic and tropical species that you will enjoy for their color, shape, beauty and uniqueness. If this section of the zoo is your favorite, you’re in luck! The Aquarium Shop offers you the opportunity to go home with a teddy of your favorite animal or an unforgettable souvenir of the marine world.

The sea is for the truly brave and daring among you! You're sure to find the perfect gift here to suit your personality and style. Do you want an incredible authentic shark tooth? Or, perhaps, you would like to decorate your room with colorful tropical Clownfish? Here, you will be immersed in a sea of memories as soon as you enter, thanks to the wide assortment of stuffed animals and articles that we have selected especially for you.

Our aquarium is one of the most visited, loved and popular areas of Zoo Aquarium Madrid. It’s an awesome aquatic adventure! That’s why we’ve made sure that you can find the magic formula in the store that will make you remember the aquarium forever.

You will always carry a small part of the ocean with you! Majestic sea turtles, mighty sharks and curious octopuses: there are soft toys, dolls and gifts for lovers of all species of the seabed.

In addition to gifts, at the Aquarium Store you can get useful items for your day at the zoo: hats, cups, backpacks or any object you may need.

Don't leave Madrid Zoo Aquarium without visiting the Aquarium Shop. It's just the ticket to find the perfect gift to keep a souvenir of the ocean, even if you live far from the coast!

Don't forget to check the schedule when you arrive at the zoo. We look forward to your visit!


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*Open on an occasional basis throughout the season.

Pack Zoo + Faunia
Zoo Madrid + Faunia Pack: visit two parks at a special price!

Zoo Madrid + Faunia Pack: visit two parks at a special price!