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The Old Continent is one of the temperate regions of the Earth-along with southeast Asia and part of North America-, moderate and pleasant climates in many of their territories. On the western border there is an Atlantic or ocean variant, while the mainland defines Central and Eastern Europe (and the Mediterranean). Deciduous forests abound (with oak, beech, conifers, pines); the tundra and the taiga, on the other hand, are landscapes unique to Scandinavia and Russia, respectively. In this context we find theEuropean animals of Madrid Zoo Aquarium, ranging from the unpredictable brown bear, the fallow deer, the moose or the Nilgai. European variants such as the mink and the lynx. And even Iberian species as the Spanish mountain goat and the Spanish deer.

Our continent has continental fauna consisting of domestic animals and other fiercer species (foxes, boar etc.), but also abundant fish. Or birds known for their diving skills, such as thetufted duck (Aythya fuligula), a widespread duck species that also lives in Asia. Among the species that on show at Madrid Zoo is the white-tailed eagle found widely in our skies (although it reaches as far as Iceland, Greenland and North Asia).