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Exotic birds educational activity

Price:  Free
Duration:  15 min
From Monday to Friday at 13:00, 17:00. Saturdays, Sundays and public Holidays to 12:30, 17:00.
Activity animal:  Exotic birds
Accessible for people with disabilities
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Schedules of educational activities on May long weekend (from May 1 to 5)


Sea lions


Birds of prey and exotic

Monday to Friday
12:00, 16:30
12:30, 18:00
13:00, 15:00
Weekends and Holidays
11:30, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00
12:00, 13:30, 16:00, 18:30
12:30, 17:00

You've never seen an exotic bird free flight educational activity like this!

Bring your family and friends and surprise them with this educational activity, where you’ll see Macaws, Cockatoos, Parrots, Toucans and little Parakeets fly synchronized over your heads. The exotic birds educational activity is a real marvel for all the senses. Feast your eyes as the sky becomes an orderly collage, full of vivid colors.

It takes place inside the aviary and takes place during the day, while there is sunlight.

In this exotic bird educational activity you will be able to appreciate the enormous intelligence of some birds, especially that of the macaws. They will display all their skills and demonstrate their ability to perform controlled flights and follow the instructions of our Zoo keepers.

If you come to Madrid Zoo Aquarium, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the highlights of our daily schedule.

*Schedules subject to change, check on arrival at the park. 

We recommend attending activities at least 15 minutes in advance, as for health and safety reasons the capacity in the facility has been reduced and may be full. In that case, you can attend the following show that takes place on the same day.

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Zoo Madrid + Faunia Pack: visit two parks at a special price!

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