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Sea-lion educational activity

Price:  Free
Duration:  15 min
From Monday to Friday at 12.00, 15.30. Weekends and public Holidays to 11:30, 14:00, 16:30, 18:30
Activity animal:  Patagonia Sea Lion
Disability Access
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Panda bear
Sea lion

Sea lion

On Monday July, 25, the activities will have the weekends and Holidays schedule.

A fun and educational activity that will bring you closer to these endearing animals.

    If you come to Madrid Zoo Aquarium you can’t miss the educational activity of Ada, Carlota and Erika, our Sea Lions. They are so loveable that they’ll charm young and old alike, making everyone laugh with their tenderness and intelligence. You will be able to see them on your visit to the Zoo no matter what day you come, as the educational sea lion activity is organized every day of the week at different times.

    These marine mammals, which are sometimes incorrectly called seals, can measure up to 2.30 meters and weigh up to 280 kilos, but this does not stop them from developing a speed of up to 35 km/h and jumping out of the water. In fact, it doesn't stop them from being stars of the show either! Their great ally in moving, jumping and juggling are their limbs that have become robust fins.

    We’re sure that our sea lions will be a highlight of your visit to Madrid Zoo Aquarium.

    Come with your whole family to enjoy the tenderness and friendliness of these wonderful marine mammals.

    *Schedules subject to change, check on arrival at the park. 

    We recommend attending the activities at least 15 minutes in advance; for health and safety reasons, the capacity at the facility has been reduced and may be full. If that happens, you can attend the following show that takes place on the same day.

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Visit the park in complete safety

Visit the park in complete safety

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